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Cardio-respiratory System 

1A.2, 2A.P2, 2A.M2, 2A.D1: Outline, describe and explain at least two short term effects of exercise on the cardio respiratory system. Use at least three relevant sports, compare and contrast within work. 1A.4, 2A.P4, 2A.M4: Summarise and explain using relevant examples, the long term adaptations of exercise to the cardio respiratory system.

Question. What is the Cardio Respiratory System?
The Cardio Respiratory System is, the heart (only cardiac muscle) with the blood vessels and the lungs with all airways. This system is in charge for the uptake of oxygen, for the transport of oxygen around the body and for the removal of waste products from muscles and other organs.

Question. What are the short term effects of exercise on the Cardio Respiratory System?

Short term:

A common short term effect on the cardio-respiratory system a faster heart rate. This is very common in short term sprinting. This triggers your heart to pump blood faster around the body, so oxygen can be supplied to the working muscles. This allows the sprinter to perform to their max over a short period of time.

Long term:

A common long term effect of exercise on the cardio-respiratory system is that, our heart works more efficiently. This happens because our heart needs to pump blood to the organs and muscles at work. There needs to be a certain amount so over a long period of time a marathon runners heart will work more efficiently to suite their sport.


A long term runner has more needs involving heart efficiency because their heart needs to work to suite the runners needs. But also a short term sprinter needs a heart that can power the muscles to suite the distance being run by the runner. For a short term runner the energy needs to be expelled fast and quickly but for a long term runner the energy need to be expelled slowly and needs o directly correlate with the speed.

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